About Moderation

To ensure a welcoming and neighborly experience for all members, we have developed a set of Community Guidelines detailing the behaviors that are – and are not – allowed on the platform.

Members can report content that they believe violates the Guidelines. Neighborhood Leads can report content, review and vote to remove reported content, or close discussions that were started in their neighborhood.

Neighborhood Leads do not have the power to limit a member’s ability to post or to restrict their access to SurreyNetwork.ca. Only SurreyNetwork.ca staff can take those actions.

Moderation disagreements

The Guidelines are straightforward and include examples of content that is and is not acceptable. However, we understand that disagreements will still arise over how best to interpret the Guidelines and apply a specific guideline to a particular message.We encourage members to work directly with Leads via private message to resolve concerns over reported or removed posts, or over closing discussions. Respectful, one-on-one communication can often help to resolve these issues or allow members to better understand each other’s perspectives.

Handling moderation concerns


  • Reference the Community Guidelines to review what is and isn’t allowed.
  • Private message your Leads with questions or concerns about why content was reported or removed, or why a discussion was closed.
    • If you disagree with a Lead’s assessment, reference the Community Guidelines to make your case to them. Remember that Leads should interpret and apply the Guidelines rather than make decisions based on personal opinions.
    • Be respectful, even if you don’t reach an agreement.
  • Contact Support if you can’t resolve the issue privately. When contacting Support, please include examples of the relevant posts.


  • Don’t post concerns about moderation in the main newsfeed. Public conversations about moderation detract from the intended purpose of connecting neighbors on SurreyNetwork.ca. They are almost always counterproductive.
  • Don’t engage in retaliatory reporting. Reporting messages because you’re upset with someone is unneighborly and violates the Community Guidelines.
  • Don’t attack, berate, belittle, insult, harass, threaten, troll, or swear at neighbors (whether they are members or Leads) who may have reported your content or voted to remove it.

When moderation is insufficient or Leads post inappropriately

Leads can only moderate content. They cannot take action on members’ accounts. So in cases where content moderation isn’t sufficient, either because a member is repeatedly posting problem content, or you believe they should be removed from SurreyNetwork.ca entirely, reporting the member to Support is the best course of action.

If a Lead is posting problem messages, and you are unable to resolve the issue privately, report the Lead to Support through the contact form.

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