Use your true identity is a neighborhood hub for you and the people who live in your local community. To that end, using your true identity and honestly representing yourself are key parts of being a member of

  1. Real names
  2. Real addresses
  3. Your profile and photo

 The Community Guidelines describe behaviors that are and are not allowed on Violations of these guidelines may result in removal of content or loss of access to

Real names

SurreyNetwork’s Member Agreement requires that every member use their full, real name on By real name, we mean the first name that you use when introducing yourself to neighbors, friends, and colleagues and your legal last name.

Real addresses aims to provide a safe, online space where neighbors can discuss the types of things they’d share in person. To facilitate this sense of trust, membership is available only to those that reside in or own a home in the community. We also require that all members verify their address.

Your profile and photo

One of’s goals is to encourage more connections between neighbors in real life. That’s why adding your profile photo and completing your profile are so important.

Sharing a recent photo and information about yourself on your profile helps strengthen these connections and builds a sense of community. This also helps your neighbors connect you to your presence on when they encounter you on the street, in a park, or at a community meeting. 

Business and service provider accounts

Businesses and services allows businesses and individuals providing services to create or claim their business page on These pages allow local businesses and individuals providing services to have a presence in their neighborhoods, while keeping neighborhood conversations private to the residents that live there.

There are two ways to manage your business page:

  1. If you have a business for which you use a business email address that is different from your personal email address, then you should create a business account to create or claim your page.
  2. If you are a casual service provider or you use your personal email account to manage your jobs or orders, then use your member account to create or claim your service provider page.

CDAs and local organizations
Membership in is reserved for residents. If you are a leader in a Community Development Association, a Neighborhood Association, or other local organization and are posting in your official capacity, simply make that point in your post. You can also add your affiliation with the organization to the biography section of your profile.​

Public agency accounts

If you are a public agency representative interested in partnering with us, or if you are a member of and would like to introduce us to local public officials, please contact us.

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