Why is my account disabled?

SurreyNetwork.ca is a place for neighbors to build connections, stay informed, and help each other in their everyday lives. To ensure that everyone has a good experience and that SurreyNetwork.ca remains a civil community space where all members feel welcome, safe, and respected,  everyone must abide by our Community Guidelines.

SurreyNetwork.ca may disable accounts if they are found to be in violation of our Community Guidelines or Member Agreement. Some behaviors that may result in your account being disabled include:

  • Unsolicited business promotion
  • Using a fake name or address
  • Abusive or unneighborly messages
  • Discrimination or hate speech
  • Fraudulent activity or spam

Neighborhood Leads do not have the power to disable member accounts. Only SurreyNetwork.ca staff can disable accounts. Learn more about SurreyNetwork.ca’s moderation process here.

What can I do if my account is disabled?
If your account is disabled, you will not be able to access SurreyNetwork.ca.

If your account was disabled temporarily, you’ll see a message providing general information on the guideline you may have violated, as well as a link to the Community Guidelines where you can learn more about our related policies. The bottom of the screen will also indicate when your account is eligible for reinstatement. If you sign in again after the given number of days, you will be able to access your account after agreeing to follow the Community Guidelines. 

If you do not see a reinstatement date, this may mean that your account has been disabled indefinitely. Accounts may be indefinitely disabled for violations of the Member Agreement or for severe or repeat violations of the Community Guidelines. In this case, you can contact us for more information on the status of your account. Note that eligibility for reinstatement depends on your account history and the severity of the violation.

If you believe your account was disabled in error, contact us to request a review of your account. We generally respond to these requests within 48 hours.

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