About SurreyNetwork Leads

Neighborhood Leads do not work for SurreyNetwork.ca and are not compensated in any way. They are simply neighbors like other members, who have been granted additional capabilities to help their neighborhood run more smoothly.
Those capabilities include access to features to:

  • Vote to remove messages that they believe violate SurreyNetwork.ca Guidelines
  • Verify unverified members
  • Promote other members to Lead status

 Leads do not have the ability to remove members, place members in read-only mode, or affect a member’s account in any way. Only SurreyNetwork.ca Support can take those actions.
In addition, please keep in mind that it is inappropriate to complain about moderation in the main feed. If you have concerns that a Neighborhood Lead is abusing their powers (for example, by inappropriately removing messages that do not violate the Guidelines or by using their Lead powers to favor one side of a debate over another), you should either message them privately to discuss your concerns, or contact SurreyNetwork.ca Support.

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